Canadian Price List

Acolyte $100.80 CAD
Affinity $86.80 CAD
Alexander $57.40 CAD
Allegra- phasing out $21.00 CAD
Allure $133.00 CAD
Aspect $84.00 CAD
Beacon- Phasing Out $35.00 CAD
Beam $106.40 CAD
Bedrock $49.00 CAD
Betwixt- Phasing Out $35.00 CAD
Blueprint $63.00 CAD
Boink $98.00 CAD
Boomerang $114.80 CAD
Bouclé Stripe $89.60 CAD
Boutique $85.40 CAD
Broome $103.60 CAD
Bungalow $89.60 CAD
Burst- phasing out $21.00 CAD
Candela $33.60 CAD
Charm- phasing out $21.00 CAD
Cloud $91.00 CAD
Coco $158.20 CAD
Copa $63.00 CAD
Cozy $245.00 CAD
Dapple $86.80 CAD
Delight- phasing out $35.00 CAD
Dimension Mohair $203.00 CAD
Dish $56.00 CAD
Doodad- phasing out $21.00 CAD
Dots Damask $88.20 CAD
Downtown Two $57.40 CAD
Ellwood $60.20 CAD
Enchant $124.60 CAD
Endless $107.80 CAD
Ensemble $133.00 CAD
Entenza $63.00 CAD
Esperanto- phasing out $21.00 CAD
Facet $84.00 CAD
Filament $103.60 CAD
Flare- phasing out $21.00 CAD
Flash $99.40 CAD
Framework $47.60 CAD
Freehand- phasing out $14.00 CAD
Gizmo- phasing out $21.00 CAD
Halo- phasing out $14.00 CAD
Hardcopy $58.80 CAD
Hardware- phasing out $21.00 CAD
Harmonize $57.40 CAD
Hatch $117.60 CAD
Hatch Too $57.40 CAD
Hifi $47.60 CAD
Highlight $35.00 CAD
Hush $68.60 CAD
Idyll $46.20 CAD
Incandescent $56.00 CAD
Intersect $40.60 CAD
Jaunty $63.00 CAD
Linea $33.60 CAD
Llinen $100.80 CAD
Loggia $77.00 CAD
Loop $102.20 CAD
Lumina $33.60 CAD
Luminescente $47.60 CAD
Luna Atelier No.1- phasing out $21.00 CAD
Mason $81.20 CAD
Matchsticks $64.40 CAD
Metro $33.60 CAD
Mezzanine $60.20 CAD
Micro Bubbly $137.20 CAD
Mobile $93.80 CAD
Motif $89.60 CAD
Nifty $33.60 CAD
Notion $39.20 CAD
Peek $114.80 CAD
Plaza $61.60 CAD
Propeller $130.20 CAD
Radar $39.20 CAD
Redfern $133.00 CAD
Redondo- phasing out $21.00 CAD
Signal $43.40 CAD
Sketch Stripe $126.00 CAD
Snug $161.00 CAD
Sonic- phasing out $14.00 CAD
Sparkle $58.80 CAD
Spellbound $128.80 CAD
Splice $46.20 CAD
Spun- phasing out $35.00 CAD
Staccato- phasing out $21.00 CAD
Stacking Chairs $100.80 CAD
Stars- phasing out $14.00 CAD
Stepping Stones- phasing out $14.00 CAD
Stitch $44.80 CAD
Switchback $61.60 CAD
Tech Stripe $112.00 CAD
Tech Twist $75.60 CAD
Telepathy $92.40 CAD
Token $63.00 CAD
Transmission $47.60 CAD
Trapeze $33.60 CAD
Triad $51.80 CAD
Twiggy $106.40 CAD
Twilight 2.0 $49.00 CAD
Twist $50.40 CAD
Urban Grid $112.00 CAD
Waffle- phasing out $14.00 CAD
Wallflower $53.20 CAD
Whimsy $58.80 CAD
Winsome $221.20 CAD
Wish $79.80 CAD
Woohl $37.80 CAD
Woohl Wallcovering $44.80 CAD
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All purchase orders will be subject to Terms and Conditions in effect at the time a purchase order is placed with Luna. The Terms and Conditions may be changed by Luna at any time by posting an updated version on its website at

Orders are placed at and will not be valid until a written acknowledgement is issued from Luna. To ensure correct order information, customers need to specify pattern name, product code, color name, ship to and bill to addresses as well as contact phone number and email. Luna expressly objects to any additional or different terms and conditions, which may appear in any communication from a Customer.  Any such additional or different terms and conditions shall not be effective or binding unless specifically agreed in writing by Luna. No such additional or different terms and conditions in any printed or electronic form from Customer shall become part of a purchase order, unless Luna specifically agrees in writing thereto.

All prices listed in our Price List as mentioned on our website are net selling price per yard. We reserve the right to change pricing and discontinue fabrics listed in our Price List without prior notice. Prices are F.O.B Shipping Point, which shall be the Luna warehouse in Byron Center, Michigan.

Payment Terms

Regular payment terms are net 30 days from date of invoice. For new customers, orders will be handled on a Proforma basis until terms are established. Contact our customer service for any questions/credit application. Luna reserves the right to require full or partial payment of an order at the time such purchase order is accepted by Luna or at any time prior to shipment of such order regardless of customer account status.

Title and Risk Loss

Customer shall have title to the goods covered by the purchase or bear risk of loss for same once an order is shipped by Luna F.O.B Shipping Point. Luna warrants good title to any orders which have shipped free and clear of any security interest lien or encumbrance.

Credit Cards

Luna accepts all major credit cards. Credit card fees may apply.

Custom Fabrics

Luna Textiles offers custom color, construction and design options. Custom projects are subject to minimum yardage requirements. A minimum deposit of 50% is required at the time of order on all customs. Orders will not be processed unless accompanied by a customer signed strike-off approval. A 10% overage will be added to all custom orders. Pricing on all custom orders is independent of any published standard price and will be quoted by request. Custom orders are non-cancellable and non-returnable once confirmed in writing by Luna. Please contact your Luna Textiles Sales Representative for information regarding our custom capabilities.

Shipping and Handling

All prices listed in our price list and our website are net selling price per linear yard. Freight is charged at 6.5% of the net value of the fabric with a minimum of $40, or which ever is the greater (using Fedex Ground Service). Contact our customer service for shipping quotes for expedited shipping. If no shipping instructions are given with the purchase order, Luna reserves the right to ship the best way we see fit and charge freight according to our standard freight terms as stated above. Luna also reserves the right to apply additional charges for delivery outside of the contiguous United States. Customer hereby waives all claims against Luna regarding the method of transport, choice of carrier, or performance by any carrier, pertaining to the shipment of any order.

Where a time for delivery has been agreed but delivery is delayed for any reason beyond the control of Luna (for example, a delay due to the lack of availability of raw materials or late delivery by a supplier) a reasonable extension of time shall be allowed for delivery. Luna is not liable for delays derived directly or indirectly from war, invasion, hostility, governmental action, strikes or labor disputes, supply or material shortages, transportation difficulties, natural calamity, or any other causes beyond our reasonable control.

All orders shall be shipped F.O.B. Shipping Point. Accordingly, Luna shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss (all three of which terms include, without limitation, pure economic loss, loss of profits or business, depletion of goodwill and similar loss), costs, damages, charges or expenses caused directly or indirectly by any delay in the delivery of our fabric (even if caused by the Luna’s negligence), nor shall any delay entitle the customer to terminate or rescind the purchase order unless such delay exceeds 60 days.

Certificates and Testing

Fabric test information and certificates are listed on sampling material and on the Luna website.

Pattern Repeat

Pattern repeats shown on our website and on sample material will vary to some extent. In order to prevent shortages, allow for some overage.

Colors and Natural Fibers

Luna manufactures fabrics to the highest standards of quality and color matching. However, commercially acceptable color variations among production lots may occur and may not always match exactly the colors on memo samples or fabric cards. If an exact color match is required, a cutting for approval should be requested when an order is placed.

Cancellations and Returns

Luna will accept cancellations when possible and only after written consent is given. Approved cancellations may be subject to a cancellation fee. No cancellations are approved after the fabric is cut, treated with a special finish, backed or already packed and shipped.

A written Return Authorization from Luna is required for any returns and must be requested within 90 days of receipt of goods. The fabric will have to be returned to Luna’s warehouse in Byron Center, Michigan at customer’s expense and a 30% restocking fee ($100 minimum charge) will be applied before credit is given. Any fabrics returned will have to be in sellable condition, uncut and untreated. We will not accept returns of any discontinued or phased out fabrics.


The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance the laws of the State of Michigan, which shall specifically include the Uniform Commercial Code as adopted by the State of Michigan. Luna reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.










Contract Dispute Resolution

Any disputes regarding or relating to a purchase order and/or these Terms and Conditions shall be determined pursuant to the mediation and arbitration procedures of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”), and administered by AAA in accordance with its mediation or arbitration rules, as applicable. The Parties shall endeavor first to attempt to resolve the controversy or claim through mediation administered by the AAA, before commencing any arbitration. Any mediation or arbitration shall be confidential (except as information may be required in any judicial proceedings brought to enforce these arbitration provisions or any award rendered hereunder) and shall be conducted in Kent County, Michigan. The state and federal courts of Kent County, Michigan, shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the enforcement of any mediation settlement or arbitration determination or award.

Quality Control/Claims

Customers should examine all fabrics upon receipt and before cutting to make sure that they correspond to what has been ordered. Claims relating to product defects or wrongly shipped orders must be submitted in writing to Luna no later than 30 days from date of invoice. A written Return Authorization is required prior to returning a claim. To request a Return Authorization, contact our customer service at and provide the purchase order details.

Luna shall not be obliged to replace any fabrics or make any allowance or other arrangements if, in our reasonable opinion, the defect has arisen from accident, misuse, neglect, incorrect installation, lack of reasonable maintenance or any other cause beyond our reasonable control.

Where the defect is reasonably attributable to the fault of Luna, we will replace the fabric but shall not be liable to the customer for any labor cost for installation, nor any other direct or consequential loss or damage for the customer.

From the date the Return Authorization is issued, the product must be received by Luna within 30 days in order for credit to be processed. Luna will rectify the order and reship or issue a refund/credit.

Textile Treatments

Information about textile treatments and finishes can be provided upon request to Treatments require minimum yardages and may have a finished length variance of +/- 10%.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance instructions are listed on the sampling material.


Unless otherwise indicated by the latest product information as displayed on the Luna website at, Luna products meet or exceed Association for Contract Textiles (ACT) quality and performance standards. Luna guarantees that our products will perform in accordance with accepted industry standards when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended, for a period of 3 years, unless otherwise noted on the individual technical specifications or sample material.

We confirm the following in respect of our guarantee against the complete deterioration of the fabric’s structure in a particular area and loss of color on products:

  • All fabrics are supplied fit for purpose, as stated in the specifications.
  • All products meet the stated technical specification current at the time of manufacture.
  • All products will normally provide 3 years’ usage from the date of invoice providing:
    • i) Appropriate and good practice upholstery methods have been used by the furniture manufacturer.
    • ii) The fabrics are used for the intended application.
    • iii) Good quality foams/waddings have been used to protect the fabric from any wood/metal edges.
    • iv) Regular cleaning has been carried out by the end user.
    • v) Fabric has only been subjected to normal 8 hour usage (not continuous usage/shift usage)
    • vi) Fabric has only been subjected to normal “wear and tear” and not subjected to misuse or abuse.The warranty does not cover reverse crocking, damage caused by mold or mildew, improper storage, improper handling, improper maintenance, or any other damage or problem due to external causes unrelated to any product imperfection. Any additional after‐market treatment that is applied after purchase will void the Luna guarantee. Luna’s warranty will be limited to a refund of the purchase price or replacement of the product with a mutually agreed upon product. The warranty does not include any labor costs or other related cost. We reserve the right for our technical staff to investigate on‐site, any claim generated from this product guarantee.
  • Warranty does not cover custom made products, unless otherwise noted on the invoice and is agreed upon by Camira Group, Inc.

Pattern Repeat

Luna’s patterns and designs are protected by international copyrights. Procurement of Luna products does not give the buyer any rights to use the patterns and designs, including their images independent of the fabric material, without prior written authorization by Luna. Any unauthorized use will be prosecuted as infringement of copyrights.

Luna’s name, corporate identity elements and any electronic content on are protected by trademark rights. Any unauthorized use or misrepresentation, including copying or redistribution of images are not permitted without prior written authorization.


The Customer agrees upon demand to indemnify Luna against all losses, damages, injury, costs and expenses of whatever nature suffered by Luna to the extent that the same are caused by or relate to designs, drawings or specifications given to Luna by the buyer or the improper incorporation, assembly, use, processing, storage or handling of fabrics by the buyer.

Privacy Policy

The Luna privacy policy can be seen on, and shall be incorporated herein by reference.

Cancellation by Luna

Luna shall have the right to cancel all or any part of an unfulfilled purchase order(s) of Customer without penalty if:

  • In Luna’s good faith judgment Customer is in default of any obligation related to such purchase order(s) and Customer has failed to correct such default within ten (10) days of receiving written notification by Luna of such default;
  • In Luna’s good faith judgement, Customer appears unable to meet the continuing financial obligations to Luna associated with such purchase order, including a demand for partial or full payment of such purchase order made at any time prior to Luna’s shipment of such purchase order; or
  • Customer becomes insolvent or makes an assignment for the benefits of its creditors, or any proceeding in bankruptcy, reorganization, or insolvency is instituted by or against Customer.