Price List

Acolyte 81.00
Affinity 60.00
Alexander 40.00
Allegra 75.00
Allure 102.00
Aspect 58.00
Beam 73.50
Bedrock 34.00
Betwixt 52.00
Blueprint 45.00
Boink 68.00
Boomerang 80.00
Bouclé Stripe 62.00
Boutique 59.00
Broome 71.50
Bungalow 62.50
Burst 68.00
Charm 105.00
Cloud 76.00
Coco 110.00
Copa 45.00
Cozy 198.00
Dapple 60.00
Delight 45.00
Dimension Mohair 159.50
Dish 39.00
Doodad 76.00
Dots Damask 61.50
Downtown Two 39.50
Ellwood 43.00
Enchant 86.50
Endless 74.50
Ensemble 101.00
Entenza 45.00
Esperanto 75.00
Facet 58.00
Filament 71.50
Flare 81.00
Flash 69.00
Framework 33.00
Freehand 34.00
Gizmo 77.00
Halo 27.00
Hardcopy 41.00
Hardware 79.00
Harmonize 40.00
Hatch 82.00
Hatch Too 40.00
Hifi 33.00
Highlight 44.00
Hush 48.00
Idyll 32.00
Incandescent 39.50
Intersect 28.00
Jaunty 43.50
Linea 23.00
Llinen 70.00
Loggia 55.00
Loop 70.50
Luminescente 33.50
Luna Atelier No.1 85.00
Matchsticks 44.50
Mezzanine 43.00
Micro Bubbly 96.00
Mobile 65.00
Motif 62.00
Nifty 23.00
Notion 27.00
Peek 80.00
Plaza 43.00
Propeller 90.00
Radar 27.00
Redfern 102.00
Redondo 77.00
Signal 30.50
Sketch Stripe 87.00
Snug 112.00
Sonic 35.00
Sparkle 40.50
Spellbound 89.50
Splice 32.00
Spun 56.00
Staccato 74.00
Stacking Chairs 78.50
Stars 44.00
Stepping Stones 33.50
Stitch 31.50
Switchback 43.00
Tech Stripe 77.50
Tech Twist 52.00
Telepathy 64.00
Token 45.00
Transmission 33.00
Trapeze 23.00
Triad 37.00
Twiggy 74.00
Twilight 2.0 35.00
Twist 35.00
Urban Grid 77.50
Waffle 39.00
Wallflower 37.00
Whimsy 40.50
Winsome 155.00
Wish 55.00
Woohl 27.00
Woohl Wallcovering 32.00
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Email your purchase order to or fax it to 415.252.7183. Please be sure to include fabric name/number/color, ship to and bill to addresses, and contact phone number and email. A minimum order of one (1) yard is required for all standard Luna fabrics. Standard fabrics are sold in half (1/2) yard increments after the first yard. Minimums for custom fabrics are established on a case-by-case basis; contact your local sales rep for more information on custom orders.

All fabrics listed in our pricelist and on our website are subject to change in availability and/or price at any time without prior notice.

All prices listed in our pricelist and on our website are net selling price per linear yard. A handling fee of $3.75 is incurred for every 60 yards ordered. Shipping instructions should be included with the customer’s purchase order. For shipping costs and options, please contact Luna Customer Service at 415.252.7125 x 31. If no instructions are given, Luna Textiles reserves the right to ship the best way we see fit. Luna Textiles is not liable for delays directly or indirectly caused by governmental action, strikes or labor disputes, supply or material shortages, transportation difficulties, natural calamity, or any other causes beyond our reasonable control.

Fabric may be reserved for ten (10) working days by calling Customer Service at 415.252.7125 x 31. A reserve will automatically cancel after ten days unless a request is received to re-reserve the fabric. One additional ten (10) day re-reserve is allowed per transaction.

Payment in full with purchase order is required of all first time customers. Accredited customers receive net 30 days payment terms. Luna Textiles reserves the right to require full or partial payment in particular circumstances before shipment of an order regardless of customer account status.

Change orders and cancellations will be accommodated where possible. Luna Textiles reserves the right to charge for labor or administrative costs associated with change orders. Confirmed orders may not be cancelled without the written consent of Luna Textiles. Approved cancellations are subject to a 25% cancellation fee. No cancellations are accepted once fabric has been cut, processed with a special treatment or backing, No cancellations are accepted on confirmed orders for custom fabrics.

Returns require prior written approval from Luna Textiles and must be requested within forty five (45) days of receipt of delivery. Returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee plus all freight charges. Fabric returned in unsalable condition is not subject to any credit allowance. Fabric lengths less than five (5) yards or fabric that has been treated or modified will not be accepted for return. Custom and discontinued fabrics are not returnable.

All claims against Luna Textiles for defects, shortages, or errors must be filed with Luna Textiles in writing within ten (10) days of delivery. Failure to do so will constitute acceptance of fabric as-is and a waiver of all defects, shortages, or errors. Luna Textiles is not liable for any defects, shortages, or errors once the fabric has been cut or treated by the customer.

Luna Textiles guarantees each of its products for the respective applications listed in our pricelist and on our website. We are not responsible for fabric specified for applications other than those intended. Some products are suitable for secondary applications such as wallcovering, but require a customer signed waiver. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the specified product meets all flammability and testing requirements prior to installation. Please contact Customer Service at 415.252.7125 x 31 for all questions regarding product application.

Luna Textiles maintains the highest standards of quality control and color matching between dye lots. However, we cannot guarantee an exact match to cuttings, memos or other samples. Customers should request a cutting for approval whenever color and content are critical. Certain products may exhibit greater shade variation; these products are noted in our pricelist and on our website. Fiber content and/or yarns may be substituted at our discretion.

Repeats are listed in our pricelist and on our website. Sizes are approximate and allowances should be made when calculating yardage requirements. Photos of full repeats may be requested through Customer Service.

Luna Textiles offers custom color, construction and design options for upholstery, panel, wallcovering, drapery and cubicle curtains. Custom projects have varying minimums and pricing restrictions. A minimum deposit of 50% is required at the time of order on all customs. Orders will not be processed unless accompanied by a customer signed strike-off approval. A 10% overage will be added to all custom orders. Pricing on all custom orders is independent of any published standard price and will be quoted by request. Custom orders are non-cancellable once confirmed in writing by Luna Textiles. Custom orders are non-returnable. Please contact your Luna Textiles Sales Representative for information regarding our custom capabilities.