New Introduction: Summer 2021

Taking cues from the current time, Luna’s Phase Change collection nods to an on-going and uncertain shift in our society and environment. The name “Phase Change” comes from the scientific reference for when matter transitions from one state to another — for example from a solid to a liquid. As we transition from a COVID to post-COVID world, we took a step back to ask what do we need to consider to move forward?

Each of the products being introduced this summer addresses this transition in one way or another — some quite literally, others figuratively. The collection includes varying degrees of transparency, differing dimensions and structures, and shifts in color and color density. We’ve taken traditional techniques, but woven them in a modern way.

The Phase Change collection will bring fresh geometry, new color, versatility, and much more to any project or space. With five new products, launching over five months, we’re moving into the next phase together.

Meet DEMI. Demi is that perfect partner to complete any palette and any space. With a micro-boucle structure, Demi provides a crisp and clean architectural look, while keeping a soft and plush hand. When considering our current climate, we designed Demi to cover all of a user’s top priorities! Demi is bleach cleanable, versatile, ready for high-traffic areas, and is free of any added chemicals. With a composition including 70% post-consumer recycled polyester, Demi is a great option to help achieve environmental goals.

Like any good companion, Demi provides versatility to the Luna line-up. It’s offered in 12 colorways with a curated neutral and jewel tone palette. Demi is approved for use as upholstery, panel, and drapery. This is a budget-friendly and high-performing textile ready to be added to any space.

MOULINE is a plush and luxurious boucle textile. Reminiscent of a classic 1950’s fashion-forward style, this boucle adds beautiful flecks of color, soft structure, and dimension to the Phase Change collection.

A colorful blend of mouline embroidery yarns, giving this product its name, are twisted together to create the boucle structure and multi-color effect. It has a multi-material composition, which provides a plush textile while maintaining its high performance. Included in the composition is a high percentage of natural, rapidly renewable materials, making this environmentally friendly.

The palette is inspired by a colorful floral garden, providing eight rich tones each with a different combination of multi-tone flecks. Mouline is backing and finish free. Achieving an abrasion rating of 55,000 cycles Martindale, this luxurious textile will hold up to any high-traffic area.